School Toilet Cubicles

School & College Toilet & Shower Cubicles – Toilet Cubicles Systems for Education

RDM Cubicles can design and build custom made Toilet, Shower and Changing Room cubicle systems for all types of eductational establishments. Just some of the educational cubicle systems we can provide are listed below:

University Toilet Cubicle Systems
Academy Toilet & Shower cubicle systems
College Cubicle Systems
High School Toilet Cubicle Systems
Primary School Toilet Cubicle Systems

Custom built or off-the-peg Toilet Cubicle Systems for Education

Toilet Cubicles For Education

Our custom built or off the peg ranges of toilet and shower cubicles for Educational premises can be designed or modified to fit your particular school’s or college’s requirement. Our ranges comprise solid grade laminate and metal framed toilet cubicle systems for durability, but also include ranges to suit every school’s budget. Our Kid’s range is specifically designed for primary schools, nursery schools and kindergardens.

View our range of Toilet Cubicle Systems for Education..

– The Kids Range (Primary School)
– School toilet cubicles – Solid grade compact laminate (SGL) (Avon)
– Moisture resistant melamine faced chipboard school toilet cubicles (MR MFC)

RDM Cubicles offer full range of washroom cubicles systems, including IPS and vanity units for Leisure, Business & Commercial and other Public Sectors such as the Government and Health. For more details see our sectors menu or call RDM Cubicles direct today on 01384 884482